There’s something special up in the place I call home. Up there —in the mountains— there exists a feeling of skill, innate power, and an ability to free your thoughts. These grand spaces hold the capacity to bring people together and form connections as it has created between my father and myself. My dad, Charley, has created a legacy as a mountaineer and adventurer. Having climbed all seven summits and countless other peaks throughout the world, his knowledge and expertise led me to become the landscape photographer I am today. Seeing images from his past expeditions as a child pushed me to find the peaks closer to home and to tell the story of my expedition to communicate the power these places hold.
The images below are from my dad, Charley. They were taken during his expedition up K2 in the early 1990s. Sitting at 28,251 ft the mountain is the second tallest in the world but considered by many to be one of the most difficult. 
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